September 11, 2009 by Rob Valentine

It Stress me out..!!

Maybe you shouting this with another word like : damn, f@#K, s!*T etc.
its happen when you down, when you deny, when you frustated, when you disappointed by someone. someone who you love, someone who you trust.. especially when you broke up in relationship.. then you shout : its stress me out!!! yeah.. its already happen to me, STRESS.. is so frustated when i broke up with my girlfriend on agust 5. And i know i just a human, human have a heart and sometimes your heart feel not so well. its call broken heart, isn't it??

I wanna share my story about "stress management after break" up or its call "break up survival guide" thats a name of program to do when you after break-up with my seduction master "kei savorie". I would say many many thanks to him, he teach me everythink to live in this world. espesially to live in romance life.

When i am down, i just text him. "bro.. i am break up, n this is stress me out! what should i do?"
and kei reply just "NO CONTACT!!'

yeah this is first hint to survival this break up, i shout loudly : "NO CONTACT!"
you should no contact with your "ex" when she/you say break up statement. I know.. both of you may broken heart. but hey!!!! there is no broken heart! there is just "BROKEN EGO" yeah thats i heard of my master, and thats right.

Broken Heart = is Broken Ego

Is just your ego hurting, n dying. Yeah, ego like
"hey.. she love me, and i always be loving by her. i'am the one! the one who she love!!.. hey.. what i am great man, why you dump me? where my pride of being a man??"
there is a question you ask on your mind.

Is just Ego men???? why so serious??? stop being act like child, you are a man! man can handle of any hard situation..

sorry i must go now.. i will continue this soon.. :D
and my advice the first you do when you break up.. just NO CONTACT!!

your best friend,
-rob valentine-


galyn said...

good post

rob said...

@GALYN : thanks bro, kurang lebih isinya dari elo juga. :D