October 15, 2009 by Mr. Summer

34 Indicators Of Interest You Can Receive From Women

For many men, it's quite easy to talk to women. But the trouble starts when it comes to time to figure out if they have "feelings" for you.The truth is when a woman is interested in you she will ALWAYS send you some sort of signal. Whether it's called flirting or chemistry, a girl will do certain things to demonstrate her attraction to you. So you have to be on constant look out for these signs. Now the best way to do this is to look for things which are commonly known as Indicators of Interest (). Basically an IOI is any action a woman does which shows a classic sign of attraction. When you see at least 3 or 4 IOIs you know that she definitely has some attraction to you.

Then you know you can make a moveTo help you out, I've listed 34 of the most common IOIs you can receive from a woman. They are broken down into three categories (before the approach, during the initial conversation and after meeting her):

Before a conversation has been initiated does SHE:

  • Move near you and seems to be hovering
  • Consistently make eye contact with you then look away
  • Smile at you
  • Toss her hair when she knows you're looking at her
  • Brush against you when walking by
  • Find some reason to talk to you (ie: asks for a light, wants you to take a picture of her friends, or ask for the time)

During your conversation does SHE:

  • Ask your name
  • Ask your age
  • Give YOU a nickname
  • Laugh at what your jokes and stories
  • Ask if you have a girlfriend
  • Wait for you if you go somewhere (ie: to the bar or bathroom)
  • Stay with you when her friends move away
  • Touch you during the conversation
  • Talk about your girlfriend without asking if you have one (In the hopes that you'll say that you DON'T have a girlfriend)
  • Ask you to "teach her" your hobbies or interests when you bring them up
  • Makes an effort to build rapport with you
  • Give you genuine compliments
  • Moves close to you during your conversation
  • Show "open" body language like playing with her hair, facing you, and exposing her wrists/neck/inner thigh
  • Accuse of you of being a tease or a player
  • Find a reason to approach you after the initial conversation
  • Tease or otherwise challenge you
  • Try to keep the conversation going after a momentary pause
  • Hold lengthy eye contact with you during the conversation
  • Look for your reaction when she does or says something

After meeting her for the first time does SHE:

  • Always return your calls
  • Create a pretense or reason to always hang out with you
  • Send you text messages, MySpace comments or Instant Messages
  • Have her legs touch you when you're sitting next to her
  • Have a boyfriend, but never find a reason to mention him
  • Consistently makes physical contact with you during conversations
  • Seem jealous when you talk about other girls
  • Try to introduce you to her friends and family

As you can see there are a LOT of Indicators of Interest. If you want to attract a woman, you have to be able to identify when you're receiving these signals and know how to handle them.